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Modern Refinements for classic interiors

Our central North Carolina boutique-style firm offers full-scale well-appointed designs and ideas catering to those who appreciate an artful eye for details and are looking for insightful vision, notable quality, and valued service.

Gracious Living is defined as a way of life characterized by elegance, comfort and good taste.

Refined Retreats  |  Luxury Residential  |  Model HOmes | CLUB HOUSES | Bed and Breakfast  |  Guest Havens

Gracious living is all about

Color SElections  |  Material Finishes  |  Wallpaper  |  Flooring  |  Fixtures  |  Lighting  |  Hardware  |  Furniture  |  Upholstery  |  Artwork  |  Accessories  |  Décor elements  |  Window Treatments  |  Procurement  |  Turnkey Installation

Inspiring Details


"What dreamy ambiance would you like to create?"

Our consultation is a "get to know you" process. We inquire of your vision, study your existing surroundings, and begin notating all the minute details needed to elevate your dwelling.


Our design process commences with an encapsulated proposal of all the essential details needed to bring your vision to life.

Every curated detail is a thoughtful decision, with the goal of a smooth and enjoyable installation.


The Grand Reveal is when all of the planning comes to fruition. From planning, construction, purchasing and finally staging, every detail, down to the last accessory, is carefully placed.

Your once dreamed of vision is now beautifully delivered.

Gracious Living Begins


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Keenly LIstening
Valuing quality over quantity
building relationship over rushing
designing interiors to be experienced

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