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Has the realization set in that your dwelling has lost its special oomph and feels rather mundane instead of showcasing a magazine inspired vision?

Are you yearning for a revitalized atmosphere but find that translating your thoughts and ideas into reality is a bit daunting?

it's your time to indulge in gracious living

Every part of your surroundings reflects your true essence and well-being. You deserve to live graciously, in every sense.

Opalus Designs understands just how transformative the aura of a reinvigorated idyllic environment can be.

We collaborate with you to thoughtfully craft all noteworthy details essential for an enhanced ambiance with order, current timeless aesthetics and luxury touches where your senses are engaged, your lifestyle is enriched and inspiration is unveiled to simply live better.

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Our central North Carolina boutique-style firm offers full-scale well-appointed designs and ideas catering to those who appreciate an artful eye for details and are looking for insightful vision, notable quality, and valued service.

We specialize in finish and décor selections, refined living and interior transformations.

Our signature specialty incorporates distinct ideas of classic styling influenced with modern detailing.

Gracious Living is defined as a way of life characterized by elegance, comfort and good taste.

Hayes Barton Baptist Church located at Five Points, was in desperate need of renovations for their Sanctuary Entrance Narthex Restrooms. This encroaching century year old space was due for some much needed TLC and twenty-first century modernization. The challenge was utilizing the basic footprint and incorporating maximum functionality while "visually increasing" the size and feel.

White marble porcelain tile installed diagonally helped to provide this larger illusion. Wainscoting provided the luxury feel and added visual interest that we needed. A custom-built deep vanity was suspended to fit the space. It houses a storage cabinet on the right and a hidden trash receptacle on the left. Detailed millwork makes this vanity one of a kind. The grand mirror reflects light from the nearby window and provides a nice reflection of the opposite wall's nook. That nook became the perfect spot for seating. A custom tufted banquette bench, also with hidden storage, added softness, color and functionality.

A soothing color palette, with contrasting light and dark elements, sconce lighting and suspended chandeliers with silk shades, and an artwork series are distinguished details that embark you to enjoy your short visit. Quite a stunning transformation that is now front and center and greatly utilized.

five points

These Luxury Apartments located near Umstead Park had a plethora of bicycle enthusiasts for tenants. Their under-utilized laundry facility was deemed the perfect space to transform into a custom-designed Bike Room that would better serve their residents.

The plan was to design this amenity so that a novice could come in and "check out" a bike, while more experienced riders could come in and service their own gear. The challenge was making the small 250 sq. ft. space appear large and inviting.

Our unique way of storing the bikes is aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. The bold mural spanning one whole wall of the room creates an open, airy, spacious feel giving the impression you are outside, ready to venture out onto a mountain-landscaped highway.

Additionally, the room is outfitted with all that a bicycle enthusiast could need: two work repair stands complete with tools, bike vending machines for extra parts, air pump, plenty of helmets, an iPod station, TV, and even a place to recycle the used inner tubes. A deserving makeover that is now a center of attraction.

umstead Hollow


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Five Points

Umstead Hollow

Umstead Hollow



"Gracious Living is felt whether it is created in small or big ways."

– Emilie barnes